Washington Camp Ground Association


During the summer of 1777, and again in the winter of 1778-1779, General George Washington, with his troops of the Continental Army, encamped in the Watchung Mountains, just north of Bound Brook.


The Washington Camp Ground Association owns a portion of the land Washington used for his Middlebrook encampments – a 19.3 acre plot preserved through the generosity and foresight of the Hon. George LaMonte. The Association is dedicated to preserving this land for educational and memorial purposes and to commemorating the struggle of the colonists for freedom and independence in the American Revolution.


The Association holds two events annually. February 22nd (Washington’s Birthday), a business meeting is held to elect new officers, update membership on Camp Ground preservation efforts, new business and provide historical perspective and entertainment. Traditional cherry pie is served.4th of July, patriotic exercises are conducted at the Camp Ground, including the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

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