BROOK Theatre


In 2007, the BROOK Theatre was in a total state of disrepair. There was water damage inside, the marquee was rusted and inhabited by nesting birds, and the brick facade was collapsing.  The BROOK was also in a devastating financial situation, with a $277,000 legal judgement against it. 


Bob Fazen and a group of concerned citizens took action to remedy the situation.  Nominating the 1927 historic theatre to the National Register, Bob proceeded to coordinate the resolution of the financial situation and began soliciting grants for historic restoration of the BROOK.  The BROOK received over $300,000 in grants from Somerset County and Bob coordinated the physical restoration of the historic structure. 


Today the BROOK Theatre stands as an icon of Bound Brook history and the current owner is attempting to bring entertainment back to the stage spurring economic development in the region.  For a schedule of events click the button.



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