"Believe in Bound Brook"


"Believe in Bound Brook" is the motto of Mayor Fazen  

He believes that the Mayor and Council have an obligation to represent the Borough and present the most positive attributes. He wants to continue to communicate the message "Believe in Bound Brook" to all.

He reaches out to the residents and businesses of Bound Brook, as well as those considering Bound Brook as a "place to dwell" or a place to start a business.

He will make every effort to keep the public informed and insure that everyone has open access to the Borough government.  He is the editor of the "Bound Brook Chronicle" which is sent to all residents.  He will continue the "Open Door Policy" and conduct monthly "Town Hall Meetings."

At all levels, Bound Brook must serve the people in a polite, respectful and transparent manner and respond to inquiries and complaints promptly and courteously.

Founded in 1681, Bound Brook is a historic location with roots in the Revolutionary War.


It has the reputation of being a safe, quiet town with traditional neighborhoods, an exceptional school system and convenient public transportation.  World class entertainment, sports, shopping, lodging, colleges and universities are available nearby.


It is a place of history, tradition and patriotism.


CALL: 732-560-5880




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